Obscure Knowledge

Guapo released the album Obscure Knowledge in May 2015.  Mainman and drummer David Smith is also a sculptor and we used one of his pieces for a photoshoot  just before the release.  You can see some pictures and info here:

Obscure Knowledge is a fairly epic piece but it is also surprisingly accessible.  I listened to the album for the days leading up to the album launch gig to develop a good understanding of the piece.  Luckily, Mike Woodman – who was the other cameraman, was already very familiar with the album.

We love you longtime

The version of Obscure Knowledge on the record is 43 minutes long.  This live version was more like 55 minutes.  We trimmed the intro to pare the video down to a nippy 51 minutes.     This made for a few technical challenges, not least of all camera battery life and the fact that most “still cameras that happen to do video” are limited to shooting 29’59” for entirely artificial anachronistic tax reasons.   I wonder in what century someone in government will bother fixing that.

Anyway on most of my cameras I have the Magic Lantern firmware that automatically restarts the camera every time it stops after a couple of seconds.   Excellent feature.

Filming gigs is a plate spinning exercise and filming one very long song makes for particularly wobbly crockery.   For contingency, I actually had two cameras providing slightly different wide shots, with the tiny Sony RX100 IV mounted on top of the Canon 6D.  The quality from the Sony is amazing for such a small camera.  Battery life is an issue, but unlike some other cameras, the RX100 IV can be charged from the micro USB port while it is filming.  So I kept an Anker Powerbank plugged in the whole time to keep it running.

Michael Woodman shot the front-of-stage footage handheld with the Canon 5D Mark II and the EF 24-105 F/4L IS.  I was shooting with the 5D Mark III and the EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS II on a Manfrotto MVM500A video tripod.

The other cameras on stage were GoPro 3 Black, GoPro 3+ Black, EOS 60D, EOS 650D and an EOS-M with the dinky EF-M 22 F/2 lens.

Audio was expertly recorded and mixed by Kev Feazey.

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