Stephen EvEns: Evil Twin

Stephen EvEns is the solo project of Stephen “Stuffy” Gilchrist.  Stuffy is a very talented and busy man.  It was only when we filmed him playing with Bill Drake in 2014 that I got to see close up just how brilliant a drummer he is.

That big second E is emphasize that it’s NOT Stephen Evans.   It’s a gag about “Even Stevens” which seems to get missed every time.  Which is the opening gag in this video.  Watch the titles on the telly at the beginning.  That’s me doing the continuity announcement in my ongoing Hitchcockian efforts to get myself into the videos.  Cockian.

Stuffy and I thrashed out the storyline in pretty swift fashion.  He suggested Jo Spratley as “The Interviewer”.  You may know Jo from the astonishing Spratley’s Japs, among other things (hence the name of the fictional TV show – geddit?).   I asked her to channel Rita Skeeter for this.  Jo is just brilliant in this and required very little direction – she totally nailed it and introduced lots of ideas.  And she looks beautiful.

We shot the TV show in a dance studio in Brixton and then did the domestic part at Stuffy’s friend’s flat a week later.  The flat is full of fantastic objets and I wish I could have got more of them into the video, but there’s only so much screentime.

Stuffy’s performance throughout is splendid and it was a pretty effortless endeavour.

Technical Stuff

As always this was shot with Canon 5D3, 5D2 and 6D cameras.

The opening domestic sequence has a GoPro 3+ Black in the Corn Flake bowl and the milk was shot in 10 x slow motion using a Sony RX100 MkIV.   I bought the lavelier mic that Stuffy destroys in The Pound Shop.

I re-recorded the audio for the cornflakes and milk at home using a Zoom H4N.  Just so you know.


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