I love the first – and tragically only – Clor album.

After Clor,  Barry Dobbin formed Barringtone with Connan Cooledge and Boomer Opperman.  Live they are very much a twitchy, convulsive and muscular avant-rock outfit.  I’ve seen them three times and they get better each time – I love the way they resolve some of that fiddly trickiness with proper power chords.  They’ve had a few setbacks which have deprived us of recorded output.  However, they now have a new single out – the double A side Feverhead/Foxes & Brimstone (out on Nick Bourne’s Onomatopoeia label.  Nick also releases some of William D Drake’s beautiful music).  On record they are much more Clor-y than live: a poppier vibe with multi-part vocals, synth extemporisations and electronic percussives.  It’s a tighter synth-bass driven sound supporting the guitar lines. I would solidly recommend both versions of Barringtone – they tick a lot of boxes for me.

Having photographed them live a few times, I offered to do a studio shoot.

You can see some of the pictures here:



Buy the record from norman



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