Knifeworld – New video and album

Knifeworld have been signed to Inside Out which means the new album “The Unravelling” should get a bit more exposure.

I’m not a record reviewer, but it is an eclectic, coherent coming-of-age of a record.   It’s pop music for people who like surprises.

The sleeve and enclosed booklet are very beautiful, created by Steve Mitchell of 57 Design. I am really pleased with the individual portraits of the eight band members  – dammit I’m proud of them (there, I said it).

We took them in Chloe’s back garden on an evening in April. It took me 80 minutes to drive the eight miles from my house. Kavus always makes me feel better about the world so my incandescent traffic rage quickly evaporated.

I literally cannot wait to see the vinyl version.  You should buy it – you get the CD included! This is not the picture off the album, but is being used for promo stuff. It’s my favourite from the set.


This picture was taken with my Canon 6D (NOT the 5DIII!) and my trusty, discontinued EF 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye
(most of my stuff that people think is fisheye isn’t.  This one is. )


Destroy The World We Love video

Kavus and I thrashed out the idea for the video in the usual way. We filmed the band on green screen in a studio in Shepherds Bush. We had more time than normal – I tend to work worryingly quickly – and we were able to iron out details over a few weeks. It was a great experience all round and I’m really pleased with the results.

The main device in the video is an animated version of Steve’s sleeve design. He kindly let me have the original Photoshop file so I could animate the individual layers. I did more of this video in After Effects CC than most of my work but it is still mostly Premiere CC. My PC is a few years old, but has 32G of RAM and it did a handsome job.   Don’t believe the Apple hype, I say (but I am poor and clever so not really in the Apple demographic). I rendered this video to proper HD TV standards – it would be shame if it only ever gets seen on YouTube –  so do let me know if you are off the telly and want a copy.  🙂

Enjoy it here:


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