Arch Garrison: The Oldest Road

Arch Garrison is the almost-solo project of North Sea Radio Orchestra’s Craig Fortnam, with James Larcombe. I did some photos for the new album sleeve last year and we talked about creating a video for one of the songs.

The album “I Will Be A Pilgrim” focuses on Craig’s connection with his surroundings. When I saw the lyrics I asked Craig if we could include some pylons in the shoot. He said “the birdsong and keyboards are a sort of sonic equivalent of open fields with pylons” and I think that the outro serves as an excellent sonic summary of the album’s intent.

When I saw the location that Craig had found I knew I wanted to make the opening instrumental 30 seconds a long dolly shot. I describe in excruciating detail the post-production I employed on this shot here . I am very pleased with this bit.

I used a trick I have used before for the pylon shots. I put a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition on the end of a carbon fibre monopod and swung it around to get those vertiginous sweeps. I must have looked like a 1970’s Public Information Film waving a big stick around beneath a pylon.

Another shot I really like is the horizon shot at 3:32  – it’s surprisingly rare to find a clear line of sight to pull off this sort of shot and Craig had to yomp a fair way for me to film this bit. At the end of a long day he didn’t have to act much to produce that “up against the elements” gait.

I think it’s a great track and a cracking album and I am really pleased with the look of this video. You can order the album here


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