Mayors of Miyazaki

Mayors of Miyazaki - at the Black Heart, Camden

Mayors of Miyazaki – at the Black Heart, Camden

Here’s a new video.

Mike Woodman and I met up with the Mayors on a chilly Friday evening in January to discuss a video for a song from their upcoming album. Their chum, the visually-minded Mat Croft and the lovely Patrycja were there and we thrashed out a number of ideas between us all. We came away with most of what you see now, although the idea evolved over the following weeks.

We originally were due to film in mid-February, but my Mum fell ill so we rescheduled for two weekends in March. While this was annoying, I think it gave us a bit more time and shooting over two weekends was also a bonus.

The Ghost-Cam footage for this shoot was done with a GoPro Hero camera. They really are amazing little things capable of producing ridiculously high quality footage for such a tiny thing. Mike produced the Ghost-Cam shots by putting the GoPro on the end of a stick. He is now quite expert with this.

The indoors scenes were lit with my Lencarta Quad-Lite and a new 1000-LED panel, which provided some control over the lighting for the indoor shots.

I got to use the Canon 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye lens for the shot zooming in on Mat just before the bad thing happens. We shot this in reverse to make it easier to zoom in on Mat without smashing his face in. Otherwise lots of lenses wide-open to get the narrowest depth of field possible. My favourite images are the close-ups on Gareth and Clare which were shot at F/1.2.

Faking up the newspaper and TV bits was fun and mostly an exercise in distressing the source material so it looked right.

It’s a shame it’s a relatively short song because we had several really great elements we just couldn’t fit in. Maybe if it’s a MASSIVE hit we can release some of the (virtual) cutting room floor bits.

We had originally planned to do a lot of the “Poltergeist Drums” scene using After Effects, but ultimately we found that the “practical effects” (of everyone except me wobbling drums and poking cymbals) worked really well and gave the right daft tone. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone took any pictures of the shot being done.

I love Mike’s edit on this, especially the whole audition scene. I am also pleased with the way we did the ghosts and the decapitation. As usual, I make my children help me work out the specifics of these shots before making proper grown-ups do them.

Anyway – enjoy:

You can see some more photos of Mayors on Facebook



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