Chiaroscuro Mehendi. ….eh?

On a rainy day in Cardiff in December, we did a shoot in a new location. Sadly, our regular haunt is just too cold to work in during the winter months unless you are working for a “Chilly Gals” fetish magazine. I don’t know if such things exist, where nubile young women shiver for your delight. Probably.

Rohini Chiaroscuro II

Rohini Chiaroscuro II

Anyway, in highly atypical fashion, we were shooting at a pole dancing studio in Cardiff. It was nice and warm and the ladies who ran it were lovely.

Equally atypically we were working with a mehendi artist called Rashida with a lovely model called Rohini. In more familiar territory we were once again working with the lovely Amy Jade Hill as MUA who introduced us to the very talented Richard Kerr, hair stylist.

Rohini with mehendi by Rashida

Rohini with mehendi by Rashida

The day was a bit of a blur in many ways ; it would have been lovely to spend more time chatting with everyone, but I suppose everyone knew what they were doing and it all worked out well. Rashida seemed to have an ice-cool nerve, applying delicate henna patterns under what I would have found a very stressful spotlight.

Between the mehendi “product” shots, we switched off the flashes and left the modelling lights on. This let us try some very narrow depth of field stuff and also to try for some less ka-blamo! lighting. I love Jack Cardiff’s picture of Audrey Hepburn and saw him talking about the shot in the excellent documentary “Cameraman” a while ago. I love the dark/light/dark/light thing it has going on.  It’s a big influence.

Rohini Chiaroscuro I

Rohini Chiaroscuro I

Anyway, I think we got some great results, as always by virtue of working with talented people. Upwards and onwards.



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