You don’t often get exactly what you want.

As I said somewhere down the page in September, I really wanted to shoot some more pictures of the divine Ms Lucy Purr. Lucy agreed to do a shoot for Shottle Bop and we were all very excited to be doing the do.

Here is the message I sent Lucy the day before the shoot (with some irrelevant bits excised). I have never had my expectations met, and exceeded so gloriously. The pictures below hopefully demonstrate this.

"We know about the bear, which should be excellent….
….I am hoping you are bringing some burlesque outfits and that's where we'll focus.
….I would love to do some high-contrast monochrome not-quite-but-almost-dominitriixy stuff not unlike
the stuff we did with Liz and Dan. Tough without a man to be sub to the dom, but there are some classic
poses that I think would look strong. I love that look and my ideal would be insane heels, black pencil 
skirt, tight black shirt - rather than the standard leather and rubber. 
But I only mention this in case you have anything like it….”

Here are three pictures from the set. I think it’s fair to say they deliver on what we asked for. 🙂

Bare Bear Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr in festive burlesque for Shottle Bop

Lucy Purr gets strict in monochrome


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