Girls. …and boys.

This weekend’s shoot, principally for Neo Hair Design, was a mammoth undertaking and a mix of styles, models with a range of experience and beautiful faces new and familiar. It was a good test of our fortitude and resolve; twelve hours is a long day even when you’re just pointing a camera at beautiful young women. We now have the dizzying task of picking the very best images and hopefully nudging them into greatness with a bit of the old post-processing. I know we will be putting a stack of images in the Beauty section by the time we are done.

I’m really glad we kept going after the formal shots were done as I think some of the shots we did at the end of the session are great.  Here’s one:

Sometimes it's good to be Daniel Griffiths

Liz, Dan, Lucy. It's good to be Dan.

Liz was new to all this but an absolute trooper and a lovely girl. She also fills a corset and heels in just the right way.

Lucy is an amazing stylist but also has a not-very-secret identity as Lucy Purr, burlesque artist. I am very keen to take some pictures of her in this context as she has a surfeit of glamour and va-va-voom. I wish we could have taken more pictures of her during this session.

Dan was just great and delivered some top performances both with and without direction. This provided a personal revelation for me: I used to think that I only liked photographing women, but I realise it’s a bit more complex. I think it is more that I enjoy photographing people that I like and that by default I like ladies (what’s not to like?) but with men I need a bit more convincing. This is very much me talking – Lann is an altogether more rounded human being and has always enjoyed photographing all sorts of people. But I liked Dan very much (not like that) and he was great to shoot with. …and he had the good grace and intelligence to properly appreciate being surrounded and manhandled by many lovely ladies.

It was a fantastic day and we couldn’t have had better collaborators: Jo, Alice, Pixie, Owen, Karen, Lucy, Suzi, Violet, Liz and Dan; we could say loads of good things about all of them. It was a busy room that seemed to have the right amount of energy throughout the whole day.

It would have been ideal to finish the night off with something in the way of a debauched party. But it was Sunday night and I had a 160 mile drive home. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.


Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM
F/11 1/125s ISO200


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